Why is it that 80-90% of people just sort of accept 100,000 hours of stress and unhappiness at work by choice and then get angry about their own career dissatisfaction? Why not be one of the 10-20% who actually do something about it?


Amazing but true!

80-90% of people are unhappy with some major area of their work - could it be they have never really evaluated and properly designed their Career? Or maybe they don’t really know themselves or their options as well as the others? Or just that they never had access to world-class career tools before?


And today, I am making you some very special offers …


Priority: High

From the desk of Peter Fleming FCMA, certified career coach and author of top-selling career book: Do What You Love, Love What You Do

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Hi there,


“Choose a job that you like and you will not have to work a day of your life” - Confucius


Are you one of the 80-90% of poor souls who are just too willing to take any job that comes along so you can pay your mortgage or rent?


Could it be that you never really took a serious (or even a conscious) look at what you want from your career or who you really are as a person?


And therefore you constantly feel like a square peg in a round hole? Never really feeling good about your career, your job and therefore not feeling good about your life? Feeling stress, even depression?


Well, luckily you have come to the right place today!


Your job and your career need not stink! There is a better way!

Since we spend about 100,000 hours at work during an average career (I’ll leave you to do the validating arithmetic), shouldn’t we all aim for a little bit more than ‘tolerance’ for our job?


Even ‘tolerance’ would be a STEP UP for some people who actually HATE their job! 100,000 hours involved with something they hate? It’s CRAZY!


Shouldn’t there be some sort of actual satisfaction in your career?


Aiming for 100% satisfaction may be unrealistic for some, but if you (like many people) currently only experience satisfaction at about 40-50%, would you be interested in nudging that up to about 60% or 70% or even higher?



Set Your Life Goals/Priorities!

Put your career in context and your life in balance!

Get Things Done!

Overcome procrastination, take action! Or will you procrastinate about this too?

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Need Other Career Tools?

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I thought you might!


And all that for A CRISP Pizza?

That’s why we have assembled a series of world-class and Affordable Career Resources to Improve Satisfaction and Performance that you can complete at very little cost (your investment is less than the price of a decent pizza) and very little time (about the same time as going through the total process of choosing/ordering/waiting/eating/cleaning-up associated with the pizza) and which can start to get you on the road to a better fitting job and career and in the process … MORE CAREER SATISFACTION AND GREATER CAREER PERFORMANCE.


Some of the discoveries from these CRISP exercises & tools can make an immediate impact!


All without changing your current job!


I know what you’re thinking … Sounds too good to be true, right?


Let me explain.


As a certified career coach, with a published top-selling career guide, having coached many individuals in all sorts of career situations (most likely including the one you are in) and having been a veteran of over 20 years in the corporate world working for ‘the man’, I know a thing or two about career management. And it didn’t all go smoothly. I paid for my mistakes so now you don’t need to!


So I am asking you to trust me just for just a little while when I tell you in all honesty that I have seen so many instances where on-the-job dissatisfaction is the root of so many other serious health and family problems, that IT IS JUST PLAIN NUTS TO ACCEPT THE STATUS QUO.


For example, did you know that:

Monday mornings 8AM-9AM is the #1 time of the week when people die? Coincidence?

The only common and consistent cause for first-time cardiac arrests victims to die rather than to survive is on-the-job unhappiness? Coincidence?

There are more family (marital, parental, even sibling) and health (stress, exhaustion, insomnia and even worse – see above) problems caused by bad career choices than just about anything else? Coincidence?


Do you really think these things are in fact just Coincidence? Really?


How and when do you think these things are going to improve for you?


“The man who has planned badly, if fortune is on his side, may have had a stroke of luck; but his plan was a bad one nonetheless” - Herodotus


Don’t let the lunatics take over the asylum!

It is said that the definition of insanity is doing exactly the same thing over and over again and expecting to get a different result.


So isn’t it crazy to keep running your career the same way and expecting a different outcome?


Letting the problems continue and fester? Eventually leading to ……… Who knows what??


                  *  Especially when you know there is an alternative.


So that’s why I am sharing this with you today.


Think about this:

If you can afford a pizza plus the time to order it, pay for it, eat it, wrap the leftovers in foil and put it in the fridge then clean everything up afterwards, then you can afford the time and investment to try this life-changing series of 5 easy-to-use Career Exercises.


These 5 simple exercises will help you to:

    Identify your transferable skills

    Identify your preferred skills

    Identify your personal development areas

    Identify those skills that you do not wish to use any more

     Identify your top personal values so you can match them to your job

    Identify your main sources of on-the-job satisfaction

    Identify your major career barriers and constraints

    Identify your preferred job role and settings

    Realize why you are not 100% satisfied right now and what to do about it

    Prioritize your career needs

    Recognize where and when things need to change

  Put things in perspective.



They will allow you to do all this so you can DECIDE what you want your career to be, DECIDE what are the NECESSARY changes you are going to make so you can then DECIDE on and develop a plan to make the TRANSITION TO YOUR NEW LIFE.



In no particular order, the 5 exercises are:


#1 Career Aptitude

This exercise will help you to identify the skills, abilities and experiences that you have accumulated so far in your life and also those that you enjoy performing at work.


More often than you’d probably like, these two things (the things that you are good at and the things you like doing) are not the same things!


But maybe they could be in future. If you design your career that way.


At least, you could discover where the gaps are and try to close them as many others have done before. For a big uplift in your career satisfaction.


And by identifying the things that you don’t like doing (even if you are good at doing them), you will discover which activities to AVOID in future.


There are also things you probably would love to do but don't yet have the skills? These are your development areas which are critical to identify as you pursue a happier career and a more successful life. You will discover these too so you are already on your way to designing your future career with in-built satisfaction!



#2 Career Activities

This exercise will help you to identify the roles, industries and situations that you might consider when deciding on your future career choices.


Let's face it, there are probably some activities and roles that you have done in the past and really enjoyed, while for others, you haven't enjoyed quite so much. Are you able to consistently and systematically identify which is which? Or which are the individual elements of the role that create which response? So that you can pursue the former and avoid the latter?


If you have not yet mastered this important skill, this exercise will help you (like it has helped many others before), to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past so you do not end up being a square peg in a round hole.



#3 Career Values

This exercise will help you to identify the personal values that you must have, like to have or don't need to have in your work and this is an essential step in your career planning.


When your activities at work are out of sync with your core values, it can cause a great deal of unidentified stress and unhappiness at work which can lead to all sorts of ailments and broken areas in the rest of your life.


While doing this exercise will obviously not entirely eliminate that stress and conflict, it will provide yet more valuable information as you discover more about yourself and what you want at work so you can first recognize and next make a plan to minimize (and if possible to eventually eliminate) the harmful stress that you might have experienced at times in the past.



#4 Career “Happisfiers”

This exercise will help you to identify the types of activities that you enjoy performing at work and without which you will experience some degree of dissatisfaction.


Knowing what these are will allow you to ask sensible questions in future when pursuing a job or a business opportunity to ensure that your #1 “happisfier” has a decent chance of being met. Where there is no fit in this area, it’s a big red flag – i.e. proceed with extreme caution.


For example, if say “creative expression” is high on your list yet your work is largely "follow the rules" routine, you know it won’t be long before you are feeling dissatisfied, so that will not be such a good career fit for you. Depending where you are on your “job desperation curve”, you may choose to take the opportunity anyway but you will be well advised to recognize and manage the danger.



#5 Career Barriers

This exercise will help you to identify the areas of your life and career that might be challenging for you as you pursue your dream position.


Simply recognizing such barriers is already a step forward.


Next is to assess whether these barriers are 'real' or 'perceived'. This will require some thinking and above all, some honesty!


Then for each 'real' barrier, start to list the resources that you might need to overcome them. And of course we have some additional resources to help you where needed.



After doing these 5 Exercises, then what do I do?

In each of these exercises, the Top items that you feel strongest about in all 4 areas (6 items each for Aptitude, Activities, Values and Happisfiers) plus the Top 3 barriers (including “resources needed”) are to be listed on a single master sheet of paper which will form the basis of your Master Career Plan.


You can use this on an ongoing basis as you evaluate your career options to see which single option comes closest to meeting your needs.


And there’s more:

There is a free 6th BONUS exercise in order for you to …….


Well, you will see what it is for when you order the set …


What is your ROI?

I am an accountant, at least that’s what my certificate says, so it’s natural that I always want to know the Return On Investment on any expenditure that I am considering … don’t you??

So here’s the deal right now:

Normally, these Exercises sell individually like this:



#1 Career Aptitude


#2 Career Activities


#3 Career Values


#4 Career “Happisfiers”


#5 Career Barriers


#6 Bonus Exercise





But TODAY, Your investment for the full set of 5+1 questionnaires is US$67 just US$27.


All the exercises will be delivered right into your email Inbox.


I really can’t make it any easier than that.


All you need to do is print them out, find a couple of hours (tops) and a quiet spot and start the journey to change your life by discovering more about yourself, recognizing why you may not be a good “fit” in your current role and then allowing you to change for the better.


“A journey of a thousand mile starts with a single step” - Confucius

Rounded Rectangle: OK, I have heard enough:  I wanna Develop A Better Career Plan Right Now!

If you can ratchet up your career satisfaction from 50% to 70%, isn’t that worth just US$27?


If you can create more of a “fit” at work, isn’t that worth just US$27?


If you can recognize where the current dissatisfaction comes from, isn’t that worth just US$27?


And although it’s tough to put a dollar value on “job satisfaction”, a number of our clients have told us that it’s worth way more than just US$27. Thousands of dollars more    just as it can be worth thousands of dollars for you too!


Your Return On Investment will therefore be thousands of percent.
So you really have nothing to lose. It’s just US$27.


Take a real good look

… it’s NOT US$270 or even US$127   it’s just $27 …



And here’s one final thing in case you’re still not 100% sure …


Some terms & conditions apply

We are offering you a full refund if, after:

    making the investment in any of our products,

    completing the exercises with diligence,

    summarizing your findings on the Career master summary sheet

you can honestly tell us that what you learned and the new insights you received after completing these Exercises has provided less value than what you paid. That’s our guarantee to you!


So you really have nothing to lose!


I honestly don’t know how I can be fairer than this!!


So stop procrastinating … we’re on standby to take your order now!!


We look forward to hearing from you and don’t forget that the offer expires within 5 days.


All the Best to You in Your Career (and Life) Success,




Peter Fleming and the expert team at www.BestCareerResources.com




P.S. Our market research indicates that while many thousands will buy these exercises for themselves, even more people will buy them for a loved one who they want to see have more success in their career and their life, so don’t forget you are entitled to share this exercise with anyone in your household so it is perhaps the single most loving gift you could give to your family members. And for just US$27 per set, it’s a real steal!!


P.P.S. Isn’t moving towards improved career satisfaction worth just $27 or less? If your career (remember this is where you spend 100,000 hours of your life) isn’t worth that, I want to wish you well in your career and in your life but I would really want to coach you to aim a little higher!! For the rest of you (about 99.99% of anyone reading this) improving your job satisfaction’s surely gotta be worth US$27 – the price of a family pizza and how much good is a pizza for you and your family??!!


P.P.P.S. If you are still not convinced that this is the smartest Career move you can possible make, don’t forget our 100% satisfaction guarantee – that’s how confident we are! Don’t procrastinate any more – join the 10-20% minority who took the decision to change their Career and their life … for the better!

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